This feature offers you the ability to view discussions, to-dos and viewed files across all of our projects quickly and concisely.

The overview feature also allows you to see the to-dos and activity of other people associated with your projects, perfect for assessing workflow and distribution of tasks.

Key dates and events are also contained within this section, allowing everyone to know what's happening and when.


Simply a list of To-dos associated with the project that you are currently within.

The To-do lists contain specific To-dos and allow for easy and convenient access to To-dos relating to projects.

From the list you can view current To-dos, add To-dos, assign and reassign to members of the team, set due dates and mark To-dos as completed. Pretty much all you need your To-dos to do.


View discussions around To-dos within your projects.

As well as viewing discussions, you can also contribute and attach files. Accessing and contributing to conversations regarding projects whilst out of the office ensures that you'll always be able to keep in the loop and won't miss the opportunity to get that valuable point across before it's too late!


The feature allows quick access to the files that have been uploaded in context with the project allows you to instantly familiarise yourself with the visual references of your activity and discussions.

All the files uploaded to the project can be viewed here, as well as adding your own. It's that simple!


"Amazing! The first fully working Basecamp app! Finally, no more read only web view"

Tobias O


"Wow, it's fast and slick"

Jamie Dihiansan


"Rappel makes Basecamp's good project management features iPhone friendly"

John Hill